Signature Treatments

Le flotarium au spa de l'hôtel la Cheneaudière en Alsace

Flotarium : a sensory experience

Indulge in this unique treatment in a spacious private suite of 60 sq. m., unwind and release body tensions thanks to physical weightlessness in the largest float-tank in Europe (3.5 x 3.5m), with soothing light and underwater music.

The Benefits of a Flotarium session:

Epsom salt softens the skin, detoxifies and invigorates the body. Highly energy-efficient and sleep-inducing, this treatment mitigates the effects of jet lag.

Flotarium sessions are particularly recommended for pregnant women.

Floating session only, followed by a moment of relaxation :

50-minute flotarium hire :
35 minutes of private flotation therapy followed by 15 minutes of relaxation

€ 90.- for up to 2 people

Floating session followed by a gentle massage

60-minute flotarium hire :
private flotation therapy followed by soothing body modelling with comforting plant & honey balm (from our own range of cosmetics « Simples et Miel »)

€ 170.- for 2 people

Floating session + care « Rested Mother-to-be » :

20 minute Floatarium session followed by a 60 minute body massage specifically dedicated to expectant women

Duration : 80 minute – Individual care : € 150

The « Kraxenofen »

a natural and versatile care

Both individual cabins are heated with organic hay from the meadows around Stampoumont, and the thousand flowers it contains. The steam coming off the hay relaxes muscles from the back and neck. The coumarin released by the slow-burning hay also detoxifies the body.
The ” Kraxenofen ” hay sauna is a natural treatment particularly recommended for people with achy tired legs who can not enjoy the high heat of traditional saunas.

20 minute session : Individual : € 20
For 2 : € 30

Water Massage


The water massage bed really stimulates body tissue thanks to its stretching, pinching and skin rolling action.

Toning or relaxing, this care is also available for pregnant women.


The session of 25 minutes: € 25 / person