Cosmetic range ‘Simples et Miel’

Discover our own special range of cosmetics

“Simples et Miel”

Because we are committed to sharing with you the treasures of the generous surrounding nature, it was obvious to us to set up a range of cosmetics that tell the story of our region, the Bruche Valley.

For your beauty treatments, Mireille François, the owner, has created a range of highly concentrated natural cosmetics*, without paraben and colouring agents, made from pure water from the sources in the village, honey from our own beehives, medicinal plants from the meadows around («Simples» in French) and berries from the forests of the Vosges mountains.


The plants and berries have been selected for their benefits and include plantain, great mullein, heather, black elderberry and bilberry.

“Simples et Miel” is a range of 6 cosmetics, packaged in glass bottles and pouches wrapped in honeycomb.
These cosmetics are used for all the treatments and massages on offer in our Nature-Spa.

You can also buy them directly in our Spa-shop, or on sale by mail by calling  0033.

*Developed in partnership with a local cosmetology laboratory

“Baume aux Mille Vertus” (thousand virtues balm)

Honey, beeswax, natural vitamin E, heather oil, heather flowers and great mullein.

Used on a daily basis, this healing ointment moisturizes and nourishes the face and body.

It repairs and soothes after sun, and protects from winter frosts.

Wraps and smoothes the delicate skin of children.

200 ml.     56 €


“Pluie Délicieuse” (beneficial rain)

Pure water from the sources of Colroy, blueberry and floral waters.

This fresh water cleanses face and eyes.

It softens and refreshes after shaving.

Also cleans the enchanting faces of small children.

200 ml.     42 €


“Trésors des Prairies”  (treasure of the meadows)

Mullein flowers and elderberry flowers, plantain, honey, beeswax.

This concentraded plant extract combined with honey moisturizes, softens and protects your face.

Aplly morning and evening.

50 ml.     48 €

“Éclat de Miel” (honey burst)

Heather, honey, white clay.

For a rejuvenating effect, apply generously like a mask, leave to penetrate for 3 minutes, then rinse.

100 ml.     40 €


“Élixir de la Ruche” (beehive elixir)

Royal jelly, honey, plantain, heater oil. This cosmetic is a pure concentrate of Hive Gold.

This anti-aging elixir has an immediate tightening effect on the skin.

Apply morning and evening a few drops of this precious nectar for a smoth skin and youthful complexion.
During the day a drop is enough to rehydrate your skin and restore radiance to your complexion.

30 ml.     60 €

“Infusion Précieuse” (precious infusion)

Plantain, elderflower and bilberry.

Applied in soft pats aroud the eyes, this refreshing gel helps smooth and illuminate eyes.

15 ml.     36 €

“Pur Extrait de Bruyères” (pure heater extract)

Macerat of whole heather flowers of the Vosges.

Very concentrated care oil for face and body.

It repairs, softens and nourishes atopic and very dry skin.

100 ml.     32 €