The menu


Set menu with choice :

3-course menu : 75.- / pers.

Starter + main : € 65.- / pers.
Main + dessert : € 49.- / pers.
Starter + dessert : € 45.- / pers.


Marked menu items can be prepared to meet special dietary requirements:

o : on request gluten free         o : on request lactose free

Please indicate any other special dietary requirements, food sensitivity, allergy or intolerances when making reservation. Our Chef and his team will be happy to accommodate them.


Organic fresh salmon tartare lightly smoked by us with beech wood specialty of Marcel François  [Signature dish since 1980]   o

Organic dairy cheese from Climont dairy, beetroot carrots and sauerkraut in jelly, carpaccio of cauliflower, chestnut chips, Organic yogurt vinaigrette and honey from our hive (cold starter)

Half Lobster fricassee, butternut purée, organic cheese kaesknepfles according to Oma Lucie recipe, creamy lobster sauce [Signature dish since 1982]  (Additional cost of € 10)  o

Variations of a farm egg by our chefs, according to their inspiration.

Fresh ravioli of organic white cheese from Richard’s farm with fresh truffles in a Parmesan beurre blanc (served warm)

Homemade pate en croute in a spelt grain crust with poultry from Alsace and duck foie gras*; Jellied garden wines from fruits and berries of the Vosges

Special dishes with home-made foie gras

Terrine of goose foie gras, traditional recipe   o

Duck foie gras marbled with gingerbread spices   o

Semi-cooked duck foie gras simply seasoned with salt and pepper   o

Foie gras trilogy

Vegetarian dish

Fresh vegetables of the winter simply cooked with olive oil,spelled organic green, pickles and grated Alsace horseradish

h  o


Saint Jacques à la plancha, thin puff pastry, quince in muslin – brunoise – jelly. White butter with bergamot and organic apple juice    o 

Char, pike-perch and salmon trout caught on the skin, Sauerkraut IGP Alsace, Durrentzen saffron potatoes, rock fish soup poured at the moment

Whole lobster fricassee, butternut purée, organic cheese fromage frais according to Oma Lucie recipe, creamy lobster sauce [Signature dish since 1982]  o

The Chef’s suggestion, according to catch and market


Filet of Charolais beef and escalope of duck foie gras* from Alsace, roasted potimaron, mashed and roasted seeds, Alsatian pinot noir sauce    o

Farm pigeon Kieffer as a cake: crushed green cabbage, potato pancake, reduced and full-bodied juice    o 

Duck from Doriath Farm in two ways: confit leg by us, low cooked duck breast then lacquered with honey from our hives. Short juice, root vegetables with berawecka fruits   o

The Chef’s suggestion, according to market


Selection of fresh and mature organic cheeses from the Alsace region: tommes, pierre de lait, munsters, bargkas…
Origin of our cheeses: Goetz Farm in Mussig, Solbet Farm in Solbach, Chenesire’s Farm in Steige and Farm “Brebis et Compagnie” in Le Puid

The cheeses are served with chutneys, red fruit jelly, rosehip coulis…all homemade


Homemade sorbets with sea buckthorn berries and the fruit of the moment, creamy ice cream with organic milk, chewable treats  o

Hot soufflé with plum brandy from the Nusbaumer distillery in Steige, Mirabelle sorbet of Lorraine [Signature dish since 1982] 

In a gourmet hive: old-fashioned meringue, apples and pears, walnut chips and hazelnuts, Honey ice cream from our hives, cloud with organic yoghurt

In a chocolate sphere: almond praline, creamy chocolate, almond mousse, chocolate caramel sauce poured at the moment, almond milk ice cream

The Chef’s suggestion, according to market