The menu

Information COVID-19 :
Our county is currently under curfew from 9pm to 6am, but the restaurant opening hours remain UNCHANGED as we can continue to serve our guests who sleep in the hotel beyond curfew. This exception does not apply to guests outside the hotel.

Set menu with choice :

3-course menu : 75.- / pers.

Starter + main : € 65.- / pers.
Main + dessert : € 49.- / pers.
Starter + dessert : € 45.- / pers.

Marked menu items can be prepared to meet special dietary requirements:

o : on request gluten free         o : on request lactose free

Please indicate any other special dietary requirements, food sensitivity, allergy or intolerances when making reservation. Our Chef and his team will be happy to accommodate them.

Cold starters

Fresh goat cheese from the Solbet’s farm (5 km from the hotel) steamed and served cold, dried flowers from our mountains and crunchy vegetables. Organic yogurt vinaigrette and honey from our hives   o

Fresh organic Irish salmon (raw) in a tartare style, lightly oak smoked, sauce created by Marcel François, founder of La Cheneaudière    [Signature dish since 1980]

Special dishes with home-made foie gras

Terrine of goose foie gras, traditional recipe   o

Duck foie gras according to the traditional recipe   o

The duo of these foie gras  o

Warm starters

Variations of a farm egg by our chefs, according to their inspiration (Please see our specials board)

Fresh ravioli of organic white cheese from Richard’s farm (9 km from the hotel) with fresh truffles in a Parmesan beurre blanc

1/2 lobster fricassee, artisan tagliatelle from the baker Brunstein (20 km from the hotel), creamy lobster sauce  [Signature dish since 1982] (Additional cost of € 10 )   o


Vegetarian dish

Seasonal fresh vegetables and organic flour palets of roasted corn, simply snacked in olive oil, organic green spelled, pickles and grated Alsace horseradish  o



Pollack from the Vendee fish auctions and crumble with herbs from our garden, fresh salad with in-season vegetables and black sesame oil, infusion of green tea with herbs from the garden poured at the table   o 

Char from the Heimbach springs (30 km from the hotel), bread crust, toasted white radish, Ostergruss radish and snow peas, morello cherries from the Massenez distillery (9 km from the hotel)   o

Lobster fricassee, artisan tagliatelle from the baker Brunstein (20 km from the hotel), creamy lobster sauce [Signature dish since 1982] (Additional cost of € 20 )   o

The Chef’s suggestion, according to catch and market (Please see our specials board)


Veal Mignon stuffed with black truffle melanosporum. Peas in soft waffle and puree with fresh garden mint   o

Chicken ‘Cou-nu’ from the Riedwasen farm (22 km from the hotel) baked in ballottine, palets with organic flour from gaudes, fresh in-season vegetables, Carême’s sauce 

Pigeon from the Kieffer farm (37 km from the hotel), the breast cooked at low temperatures and candied leg. Artichoke purée and artichoke barigoule, grilled mushrooms and organ meats, full-bodied juice    o 

The Chef’s suggestion, according to market (Please see our specials board)


The plate of fresh and matured cheeses from Alsace (approx. 100g) with organic tommes milk, munsters, bargkas, fresh goats …
The cheeses are accompanied by chutneys, quince jelly, rosehip coulis… all homemade.
€ 11

The cheeses are served with chutneys, red fruit jelly, rosehip coulis…all homemade


In a gourmet hive: fresh strawberries, candied rhubarb, organic yoghurt sorbet, meringue and cloud with organic yoghurt from the Climont, honey from our mountains   

Hot soufflé with mirabelle plum brandy from the Nusbaumer distillery in Steige (5 km from the hotel), mirabelle plum sorbet of Lorraine [Signature dish since 1982]  

Meringue tartlet 70% Guanaja chocolate and raspberries, homemade bitter cocoa sorbet
–> Accompany this dessert with 2 cl of Meyers’s pure malt Alsatian whisky from the Meyer distillery (14 km from the hotel) : 9 € supplement

Brioche-chips, cream chiboust vanilla-morello cherries, wild Griottines from the Peureux distilleries, homemade morello cherry sorbet

The Chef’s suggestion, according to market (Please see our specials board)